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The all new...
"Posh Boy Music Online"
The history of Posh Boy reflects the history of West Coast punk. The following pages contain a cross section of Robbie Fields' personal archives, from the formative days of the Masque, the Fab Mab and the Cuckoo's Nest in the late 1970's up through the innovations of the 1990s. Only a small portion of this material had ever seen the light of day (much less the World Wide Web) before it was posted here. Enjoy!
Backstage Photos
Members of No Doubt, Go Go's, Pennywise, T.S.O.L., Channel 3, The Vandals, and Pitch Factor cavort with P.B.
Artist Photos
Rare and classic photos of artists, friends, and former Posh Boy bands.
Concert Flyers
The Avengers, Rik L Rik, The Germs, CH3...
Robbie Fields & Friends
You just may recognize a face or two.
History Of The Posh Boy Logo
Even the Posh Boy logo has a little history and some interesting facts behinds it...
The Fields Scapbook
Robert Shannon Fields. Man. Myth. Legend.
Gordon Ivan Fields
Pictures of the new Posh Boy, born 8 September 1999.