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Pariah Return with a brand new album!

Pariah: Live With This (CD)

A brand new studio recording from this San Francisco Bay area band. 21 years since their last recording with Posh Boy, the band return with a new album and a website! This is one of our new series of custom pressings released through Art Monkey Records. Other custom pressings now available are the Shattered Faith 6 song e.p. and a re-issue of The Nuns' 4 Days In A Motel Room CD.

New CD Releases!

Stepmothers: You Were Never My Age (CD)

The Complete Posh Boy Recordings

An import from Germany, this 2002 compact disc compiles all of The Stepmothers recordings from the early 1980's plus a new, previously unreleased recording.

Simpletones: I Have A Date (CD)

At long last, the complete recordings of legendary pop punkers The Simpletones. The boys from Rosemead, California who gave the world such classics as "I Have A Date", "California" and "I Like Drugs". Includes rare previously unreleased demo recordings. Imported from Germany.

The Nuns in 2000

Having endured the Gothic wasteland of post-punk decadence, the Nuns now live in dark, deep purple velvet prisons in the dungeons of Manhattan. The Nuns are alive and well and gigging...Read this article by NY Rock and get up-to-date with what the Nuns are up to these days.
Rik L Rik in 1978

Our good friend Rik L Rik passed away on Friday June 30th, 2000 at 11:45am in Riverside, California. Rik had been in hospice care for a short time, and the cancer had progressed quickly. Rik is survived by his three year old son Dustin, his sister and brother, and his fiancee' Kipling Rowe.

Rik's latest music project was with the band The Celestials with John Carlucci-bass, Curt Carson- Lead & Rhythm Guitar, LuLu Carson- Vocals, Tiger Bela- Vocals, Dale Daniel- Drums, Rock Vodka- Acoustic Guitar, Percussion & Vocals, John Carlucci- Bass . They were in the middle of a recording project when Rik took ill earlier this year. They had everything ready to go, all the tracks, but vocals. Rik never got well enough to finish the vocals for the bulk of songs, but they did finish one song, a recorded version of the Elvis Presley staple, "The American Trilogy". This would be considered the last complete recording from the great Rik L Rik...

A special thank you to all who attended the wake for
Rik L Rik at HMS Bounty Restaurant, one of Rik's
favorite haunts, going back to the earliest days of Posh Boy in 1977.

- Robbie Fields

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