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The all new...
"Posh Boy Music Online"

The graduates of Posh Boy University include many recognizable names. Please feel free to contribute your own nominations to the honor roll...


1st Posh Boy Release/Artist Later Accomplishments
PBS 1 - Rik L Rik Slaves, The Celestials.
Passed away Friday June 30th, 2000 of brain cancer. RIP
PBS 3 - Jay Lansford A&R Executive, SPV Records, Germany, group member Gigantor
PBS 3 - Snickers (Richard Scott) The Klan, Stains. Drug overdose, Long Beach California, 1997. R.I.P.
PBS 4 - Will Shatter Flipper. Drug Overdose. R.I.P.
PBS 6 - Steve Soto Joyride, 22 Jacks
PBS 6 - Rikk Agnew Christian Death, Poop
PBS 6 - Casey Royer D.I.
PBS 6 - Tony Brandenburg aka Reflex
Flower Leperds, ADZ , Special Ed. teacher
PBS 36 - Indrek Paul (Ena) Kostabi Psychotica, Hammerbrain, Producer, session guitarist - Republika
PBS 43 - Lee Marie Rivera, singer with Fall From Grace R.I.P. Died in sleep 19 April 1998
PBS 1007 - Steve Berlin Los Lobos (Grammy winner)
PBS 1007 - David Javelosa formerly Sega Games, now teaching at Santa Monica College, California.
PBS 8 - Steve Jones The Unforgiven, A&R person at Hollywood Records, TV scriptwriter, composer # 1 hit "Days Like These" for ASIA, Geffen 1990.
PBS 9 - Richard Katchadorian of Shattered Faith aka Skitch Blade RIP
PBS 103 - Jeff McDonald Redd Kross
PBS 103 - Steve McDonald Redd Kross
PBS 103 - Greg Hetson Bad Religion
PBS 103 - Ron Reyes Black Flag
PBS 1017 - Jim Mankey Sparks, Concrete Blonde
PBS 11 - Mike Ness Social Distortion
PBS 11 - Dennis Danell Guitarist, Social Distortion, passed away Tuesday 29 February 2000, from brain aneurysm - R.I.P.
PBS 115 - David Hines Killed in car accident 1993. R.I.P.
PBS 115 - Mitchell Froom Top Producer
VDK 8001 - Dan I born, Selmore Lewinson, pop star in his own right with 1979 UK hit single "Monket Chop", London session singer. RIP, September 2006.
VDK 5002 - Greg Penny Elton John, K D Lang producer & Grammy winner
VDK 8001 - Dan I (born Selmore Lewinson) Pop star in his own right with Island Records hit "Monkey Chop", London session singer. RIP September 2006
PBS 119 - Eric Ambel Top Producer (Nils Lofgren), Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
PBS 119 - Gary Ryan Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
PBS 119 - Michael Murphy Dream 6 (w/Johnette Napolitano)
PBS 119 - Alec Murphy Vivabeat, R.I.P.
PBS 119 - David Murphy Early version of Jane's Addiction
PBS 119 - Consuelo de Silva Vivabeat
Claude Thomas Band
R.I.P. 1993
PBS 123 - Pat Smear Yes, the Pat Smear, originally with the Germs. Member of many bands including Twisted Roots featured on the second volume of Rodney On The Roq. Posh Boy had forgotten that he actually had a track in his catalog featuring his one-time friend (no bust-up, just drifted apart). In fact, Posh Boy has the master tapes to an entire album by Twisted Roots in the PB vaults. Somehow the contract was never inked, though talks were at a advanced stage with manager Rick van Santen RIP Dec. 2003, one of the 2 principals in concert promoter Goldenvoice. For the younger readers here, you know Pat as a member of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.
PBS 123 - Paul Roessler Member of Twisted Roots, later with Nina Hagen
PBS 123 - Kira Roessler Member of Twisted Roots, sister of Paul, later in Black Flag. Married to Mike Watt. Half of Dos.
PBS 123 - Henry Rollins Before he was famous, he received the Posh Boy fairy dust, singing Rise Above with Black Flag for ROTR vol 2.
PBS 123 - D. Boon R.I.P. Killed in van accident. A generation earlier, exactly the same accident happened to a member of Fairport Convention in Britain, drummer Martin Lamble, whose cousin Karen Drinkwater I doted upon as a 15 year old.
PBS 123 - Mike Watt Member of Minutemen, later FireHose.
PBS 125 - Leslie Bohem Van Damme screenwriter
PBS 125 - David Kendrick Devo
PBS 125 - Stephen Hague Pet Shop Boys & OMD Producer
PBS 140 - Vickie Peterson Bangles
PBS 140 - Debbie Peterson Bangles
PBS 140 - Susannah Hoffs Bangles/solo
PBS 140 - Bobbi Brat (Red Scare) R.I.P.
PBS 140 - Stevo Jensen (Vandals) R.I.P. 2005
PBS 140 - Paula Pierce (Direct Hits) Pandoras, R.I.P.
PBS 149 - Ron Baldwin A&R at Imago
8158-2 - Delphine Neid aka Delphine Volino, hugely talented bass player in Nuns o.d. 1990 just before release of Desperate Children CD RIP
PBS 151 - Louis Gutierrez Mary's Danish, Battery Acid
PBS 151 - M. Clark Gurley dada
PBS 151 - Phil Maturano Session drummer, instructor
PBS 152 - Brett Gurewitz Producer/Guitarist: Bad Religion / Owner, Epitaph Records
PBS 152 - Phil Clevenger Computer software guru
PBS 152 - Russell Scott The Dahlias
PBS 153 - Robbie Allen Candlebox (Tender Fury)
PBS 153 - Dan Root One Hit Wonder
PBS 153 - Jack Grisham The Joy Killer (Epitaph)
PBS 153 - Randy Bradbury Pennywise (Actually, Randy joined Tender Fury after their first Posh Boy album, but since I love Pennywise I have to claim the connection!)
PBS 153 - Ron Emory The Joy Killer
8169-2 - David Baerwald David & David, co-writer - # 1 hit "All I Wanna Do" by Sheryl Crow
PBS-2 - Simpletones: Daniel Ruiz -bassist, Riot Gun
PBS 1013 - Todd Barnes Drummer, TSOL - Passed away Monday 6 Dec, 1999 from brain aneurysm  - R.I.P.