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The all new...
"Posh Boy Music Online"
The prolific Posh Boy catalog now spans four decades, from the earliest days of California hardcore in the late 70s through the retro cool sounds of Anaheim's The Willowz. You just may recognize a band or two.
  • 45 = 7" single
  • LP/EP = 12" Vinyl Record
  • CD = Compact Disc
  • CASS = Cassette
  • COMP = Track on compilation
A - Adicts, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Abrasive Wheels, Action Now (The Direct Hits)
B - Baby Buddha, Tatjana Balazs, Bangles, Black Flag, Blitz, Bron Area, Buddy System
C-CHA - Calamities, Catch 22, Channel 3, Chaos U.K., Characters
CHE-CR - Cheezboy, Children's Day, China White, Christiane F, Chronic Disorder, Circle Jerks, Paul Cortese, Cristina, The Crowd
D - Dan-I, Das Klown, Dead Kennedys, Demob, Descendents, Dirk Dirksen, Disorder, Disrupters, Dramarama, Henry Diltz
F - F-Word!, Face To Face, Fall From Grace, Famous Last Words, Fender Buddies, Robbie Fields, Kim Fowley
G - G.B.H., Geza X, Gleaming Spires, Glu Gun, Gothic Hut
H - Nina Hagen, Halfbreeds, Garth Hall, David Hines
I - Ill Repute, Insane
J - J.F.A.
K - Kent State, Klan
L - Levi & The Rockats, Little Girls, Live Action Pussy Show, Los Microwaves, Louis & Clark
M - David Microwave, Minutemen, Mr. Firley
N - No Crisis, No Fraud, Ian North, Nuns
O - Outcasts
P - Pariah, Partisans, Pepg!rls, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Pitch Factor, Poop
R - Radio Music, Red Alert, Red Brigade, Redd Kross, Red Rockers, Red Scare, Rik L Rik, Rudi
S - Saccharine Trust, Sky Saxon, Sensible Shoes, Alan Seymour, Shattered Faith, Brooke Shields, Signals, Simpletones, Sisters Grimm, Stepmothers, Social Distortion, Stains, Symbol Six
- Target 13, Tender Fury, 391, 39 Steps, TSOL, TVTV$, Twisted Roots
U - Unit 3 & Venus, U.K. Decay, U.X.A.
V - Vandals, Vice Squad, Vidiots
W - Gayle Welch, Johanna Went, Willowz
Y - Y, Youth Gone Mad
VAR ious Artist Compilations